Using Brewer's Yeast

Add protein, iron, B vitamins, trace minerals, and more to your diet

Brewer's yeast is a nutritional power house. It adds a number of important nutrients to your diet from a vegetarian source. You can usually find brewer's yeast with kosher certification easily. The kashrus concern would be the media used for growing the yeast. Brewer's yeast is not baker's yeast, which we use for making bread. Do not confuse the two, as baker's yeast is live and not a nutritional supplement.

Below are some quick uses of brewer's yeast to get them into your family's diet easily:

  1. On popcorn. After popping your popcorn, sprinkle on powdered brewer's yeast for a great flavor. Almost like cheese flavored popcorn! Many prefer to add some salt and granulated garlic as well. Try some curry powder or chili powder for other spice themes. Two tablespoons of brewer's yeast on your popcorn adds significant nutrition to your daily diet.
  2. In your soups. One of the major ingredients in store bought soup mixes is "hydrolized protein" or "hydrolized yeast". They're talking brewer's yeast here. Add two tablespoons to your pot of soup, a touch of curry or turmeric, some parsely flakes, and optional salt. Your kids will think you bought soup mix, but you'll know there's no MSG, no artificial coloring, and no polyhydrogenated fats to clog your veins.
  3. In shakes/smoothies. If you're looking for a homemade protein shake, add brewer's yeast to your mix. There is even Chalav Yisroel whey powder available, so you can make your own whey powder shake mix. Keep some frozen bananas in the freezer, and you'll always have shake fixings. For smoothies, skip the freezing:
    • 1 banana (frozen for shake)
    • 1 apple (optional)
    • 2 tablespoons brewer's yeast
    • 1 tablespoon ground flax seed
    • 2 tablespoons whey powder (optional)
    • Dash of cinnamon, or vanilla
    • 3/4 cup soy milk, or whole milk, or yogurt depending on your dietary needs and sensitivities.
    • Ice cubes for shake
    Blend and enjoy!
  4. In Potato Kugel. Add 1 tablespoon to your favorite potato kugel recipe.
  5. In mashed potatoes. Make fresh mashed potatoes, and who can resist? For about 4 servings, boil 4-5 medium potatoes until soft. Mash well, adding 2 Tablespoons Brewer's yeast, 1 Tablespoon olive oil, parsely flakes, and salt and pepper to taste.
  6. In tuna croquettes. To one can tuna, add two eggs, 1/4 cup quick cooking oats, 1 small grated onion, 1 teaspoon parsely flakes, 2 Tablespoons brewer's yeast. Mix, spoon onto parchment paper lined baking sheet, bake on high heat for about 1/2 hour.
  7. In sauces. Add to any savory sauce you make: bolonaise, gravy, an pasta sauce. Adds depth of flavor as well as nutrition.
  8. Sprinkle a little on almost anything. It's parve, so you can add it to either dairy or meat dishes. Kosherharvest recommends brewer's yeast on savory dishes, but you may be able to hide it in sweet dishes as well.

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